Why Should You Buy Gold with Minted?

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Why should you pick Minted?

You’ve probably started doing your research and are looking for the best ways to invest in gold. We always recommend doing your research – in fact we published an entire article on how to find legitimate gold dealers.

We thought we’d show you why Minted is one of the best gold dealers on the market.


Convenient and simple

The main obstacle investors face when they get started with gold is finding a dealer that makes buying simple.

If you’re planning on buying gold through your bank, you’ll need to fill in endless forms, go to the branch in person and spend hours on the phone (and pay huge fees!). On top of that, you’ll need to do your research and pick the cheapest gold vaults, insurance and make sure you’re buying the highest quality of gold.

With Minted, we’ve made the gold buying process as simple as possible. You simply create an account online, set up a monthly deposit or buy one-off and that’s it: you’re buying gold. We take care of the security part, handle the insurance and deliver your gold if you wish. More on our partners below.

With Minted, you won’t need to walk anywhere nor get on the phone with anyone: everything is done online.


Competitive prices

Minted is a wholesale buyer. That means that we buy gold directly from refineries at the lowest cost possible. By buying wholesale bullion bars, we’re able to offer investors like you the possibility of buying gold bars for less than one gram.

Many refineries and dealers charge “fabrication costs”. If you buy coins or small bars, they may be extra costs since the refinery needs to smelt, mold the bars and put them through separate machinery. With Minted, we buy wholesale gold bars – those are cheaper to create than gold coins. We store those gold bars and offer our investors the ability to invest in a portion of those gold bars. That means that you won’t have to pay any fabrication costs – only if you choose to get them delivered home.

Thanks to our business model, we offer some of the cheapest prices on the market. Here’s a comparison table with our prices:

% on top of spot price



Gold Dealer A

Gold Dealer B

Gold Dealer C

Gold Dealer D






































One of the reasons Minted was founded was to provide a service that was transparent to our investors. Our experience with other gold dealers encouraged us to create something that was straightforward and truly accessible to everyone – no jargon and no complex fee structure.

With Minted, there is no joining fee, no contract and no minimum deposit. You can pause your contributions at any time from your dashboard. We make money from a small commission that we charge every time you buy gold – see our pricing details above for more information.


Start small

There’s a lot of advantages to investing in gold, but some gold dealers have a high minimum deposit making it difficult for people to get started – investing £100 can be quite a high commitment to start with.

We wanted to make gold accessible to everyone, even those who aren’t quite sure about gold yet. That’s why at Minted we offer competitive prices for those who are still learning about gold and don’t want to spend more than £30. With our monthly savings plan, you can start with £30 and then cancel or sell your investment back at any time. Thanks to Minted, everyone who’s got £30 can have access to gold.

This means that buying gold isn’t such a huge commitment and you can easily try it out. In the long run, you’re more likely to build an investing habit by starting with a smaller amount!

Free storage and insurance for one year

As a big thank you to our investors in our monthly savings plan, we offer free storage and insurance for one year, just so you have fewer fees when you get started. If at any point during that year you want to pause your contract, a few clicks and you’re done.

What happens once that year is up? Our storage and insurance fees start at £1.99 per month depending on your total assets. The fees are the same for those who buy one-off gold.


Withdraw funds at any time or get your gold delivered

Want to sell your gold? No problem. From your Minted dashboard you can sell your gold the same day and we’ll buy your gold back at better rates than the high street. You’ll get your funds cleared within 5 days.

Want it delivered instead? We’ll deliver your gold at your doorstep for an extra shipping fee.


Certified gold

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is the world’s authority on precious metals. They set the standards of gold, and ensure gold is being refined and distributed correctly. They do gold testing and have their own “Good Delivery List” with the standards set for gold carats and fineness.

At Minted, our gold is certified by an LBMA Good Delivery partner. It’s of the highest value, with a fineness of 999.9. By buying the highest quality of gold, you can rest assured you’ll always be able to sell it at its real value.


Secure and renowned partners

When researching gold dealers, you want to make sure the suppliers and partners take security seriously and have the right certifications.

When buying gold with Minted, your gold will be stored in a high security vault, and will be fully insured by Lloyds of London, a corporate body that is governed by the Lloyd’s Act of 1871 and Parliament.

We are independently audited by Alliots (ICAW), a mid-tier firm of Chartered Accountants based in London and Guildford.

Our refinery is Nadir Metal Rafineri, a refinery based in Turkey that’s been in the precious metal industry for over 50 years and is part of LBMA’s Good Delivery List.

Finally, our website is protected by Norton Secured SSL, which means every single transaction is safe with Minted. We are registered with the ICO and adhere to every single data protection regulation.

We’re also working on our authorisation with the Financial Conduct Authority, the regulator of the UK’s financial services market.

With Minted, you’re in good hands: we’ve got the insurance, security and protection you need.


Buy from your phone

Minted will soon be launching a Minted app. Soon you’ll be able to buy gold from your phone!

You’ll be able to track gold spot prices from your screen, and buy gold on your commute to work, from the comfort of your sofa or at the gym. You’ll be able to buy at any time of the day and easily track how your gold portfolio is doing.


High Trustpilot rating

We always recommend investors to check gold dealer ratings on Trustpilot. This is a good way to make sure the gold dealer you are using is legit and people are repeat customers.

We’re very proud of our 5 star rating on Trustpilot, with multiple customer reviews (and yes, repeat customers!).

Yes, we may be a bit biased in saying Minted is the best gold dealer out there – but we want to show you the facts and figure to prove it. As always, we recommend doing your research and making the decision for yourself. Feel free to browse the many other articles on the Minted blog to educate yourself about gold.


Araminta Robertson

Araminta Robertson

Araminta is a financial writer and self-professed Fintech nerd. She likes writing about investing, the future of payments and of course, gold.
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