We’re Launching A New Minted Dashboard! 🎉

minted dashboard

We are soon launching our Minted dashboard! 🎉

In a few weeks, the new Minted dashboard will be launching. Our new platform will make buying gold smooth, simple and easier than ever. Our new features will include earning Mint points (and rewards!), sending gold to friends and becoming part of the Minted community.

Why a Minted dashboard?

At Minted, we want to make buying gold accessible, affordable and easy. We want everyone to have the opportunity to keep their money safe and diversify their investments, as well as be part of a community that values gold.

But we don’t want buying gold to be just a soulless transaction: our mission is to create a community around gold. We want to normalise gold in our society and make it accessible to everyone who wishes to hold it. Our new Minted platform will help us do exactly that: users will be able to easily manage all their gold on one screen, keep track of their investments, participate in rankings and send gold to friends. 🧈


Key Minted dashboard features

Users who currently have a Minted account will automatically be upgraded to our new platform. Those who create a new account once the dashboard is launched will have immediate access. Here are some of the features we are very excited will be released soon:


View all your accounts in one

With the Minted platform, you’ll be able to see all the gold you own and all past transactions in one place. You’ll also be able to add sub-accounts onto the platform such as a children’s fund or other savings goals. This means you’ll be able to save for your goals in gold! 😍

On one screen you’ll be able to see how your gold is performing, what the daily price of gold is as well as how much you’re saving for every goal.


Earn rewards with Mint points

On the Minted platform you’ll be able to earn “Mint points”. These are points that you can earn by buying gold and referring your friends to Minted. Those points will help you buy future gold at discounted rates and earn some special rewards! We’ll be publishing a regular leadership board for users with the most Mint points, with the winner getting some very exciting prizes… 🎁
You’ll also be able to buy Minted merchandise such as fun t-shirts and bottles – make sure to tell everyone you bought them with gold. 😉


Send gold to anyone!

With the Minted platform, you’ll be able to transfer both money and gold. You’ll be able to hold cash on the platform for future purchases (or if you’re looking to buy at a better gold price), and you’ll also be able to send gold to your friends without them even needing to open a Minted account. Talk about the best birthday gift ever! 🎉


Buy and sell gold easily

With the Minted platform, you’ll have an all-in-one view of how your gold is doing every day, week and month. You’ll be able to pick between a savings contribution plan, where you can contribute a specific amount every month starting from £30, or you’ll be able to choose to purchase gold one-off at some of the most competitive rates in the UK.
Want your money back? You’ll be able to sell your gold back to Minted whenever you want to and we’ll buy it back at better rates than the high street. And if you’re itching to touch and feel your own gold, you can choose to get it delivered home and only pay the shipping costs!


Why Minted?

With the new Minted platform, we’re taking gold to a new level. Here are a few reasons why we believe Minted is the best place to buy gold. 👇


Gold community

When you buy gold, you aren’t just “investing” or making a purchase, you are actively planning and thinking about your future. You are setting aside money every month somewhere safe and outside of the monetary system that will beat inflation. This mentality towards saving in gold is why it’s so important for us to build a gold community. We don’t believe in buying gold as a singular, one-off transaction; we believe in making gold part of your future. That’s why, with the Minted dashboard, you’ll be able to save for specific goals with gold and easily track how your gold is doing at all times.

By joining Minted, you are not just buying gold, you are joining a gold community. You’ll be able to give the gift of gold to your friends and earn rewards by accumulating more Mint points. At this moment anyone is also welcome to join our Facebook community, where Minted users can meet other gold investors and discuss their different savings habits. We also regularly publish news and information about gold on our blog (what you’re reading right now!) as well as social media (we’re on Instagram too!)

Transparency and authenticity

Minted was founded because three guys wanted to buy gold online, but could not find somewhere to do this easily and at an affordable price. Not only that, but gold dealers are not transparent when it comes to fees. They make it difficult to find fees on their website; many times you need to create an account, call them up or even buy gold before understanding their fee structure.

With Minted, we wanted to do the opposite: make our fee structure as clear as possible. Transparency is at our core. And not only do we want our business model and fees to be available to everyone, but we also want our Minted users to understand how gold works and why it is a good and safe investment. We stay away from jargon, contracts and minimum deposits, and we won’t do anything without your permission. If you want to stop your monthly contributions, we make it as easy as hitting pause. And if you no longer want to hold gold, we will buy it back at better rates than the high street.

Thanks to our business model, we offer some of the most affordable gold buying rates and encourage you to do your research to compare.

Here’s a comparison table with our prices:

% on top of spot price



Gold Dealer A

Gold Dealer B

Gold Dealer C

Gold Dealer D






































Highly secure

At Minted, we take security very seriously.

Our gold is refined by Nadir Metal Rafineri, a renowned refinery that has been in the industry for over 50 years and is on the LBMA’s Good Delivery List. Your gold is held in a high security vault fully insured by Lloyds of London. Minted is also audited by an independent accountant called Alliotts, and we are soon to be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. If you want more proof, head over to our 5 star ratings on Trustpilot!

Our new Minted platform will help us get closer to our mission of making gold accessible and affordable to everyone. It means we can turn Minted into a real community of gold buyers, and offer everyone an opportunity to save their money somewhere safe. We’re incredibly excited to have you join this journey!

Araminta Robertson

Araminta Robertson

Araminta is a financial writer and self-professed Fintech nerd. She likes writing about investing, the future of payments and of course, gold.
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