What is Minted’s Monthly Gold Purchase Plan?

monthly gold purchase plan

One of our most popular and key features at Minted is our monthly purchase plan.

We created Minted because when we were looking to buy bullion gold, we couldn’t find anything that made buying gold simple, easy and affordable. We created Minted to make buying gold accessible to anyone who wanted to keep their savings outside of the monetary system and protected against inflation. One of the best ways to build a reserve of gold is to buy a small amount every month; which is why we offer the Minted’s saving plan! 💸

What is Minted’s monthly gold purchase plan?

Minted’s monthly gold purchase plan is straightforward to set up: you create a Minted account, and then we help you set up an automatic monthly contribution that buys gold for you. This monthly set up will take place through a direct debit from your bank account to Minted, and will happen on the same day every month. The amount will arrive in your Minted account, and we will purchase gold on your behalf.

With Minted, you can decide how much gold you want to contribute every month. Thanks to our optimised system (more on that below), Minted users can get started with as little as £30! From month one, you can contribute £30 to your Minted account without worrying about purchasing at the right time in the months that follow. We won’t ask you to commit a certain period of time or to sign any contracts. You’ll also be able to cancel at any time you want.

Why are we offering this purchase plan?

As mentioned above, we wanted to offer the monthly gold purchase plan to make buying gold as accessible as possible. By investing a specific amount every month, you can spread the cost of buying gold and not have to purchase the precious metal in large lump sums. You’ll also be diversifying the price you pay for gold over time, a strategy called “dollar-cost averaging”.

Instead of trying to buy gold at the best possible time (“timing the market”), you’ll be contributing every month without taking note of the price. You can also incorporate your monthly contributions easily into your own budget as “savings”. By not having to commit or sign a contract, we’ve made buying gold is a lot easier and straightforward.

Benefits of buying gold monthly

Start small

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other gold dealer that will allow you to start with £30 at affordable rates. Most dealers will require a commitment of at least £50 for one year. At Minted, we wanted to make things truly flexible and accessible. Here is a table with our rates:

minted fees

Starting with just £30 makes buying gold a little less intimidating. If this is your first time buying gold and you’re not sure what to expect, starting with £30 makes it easier and will give you the confidence to contribute more in the future.

By starting small, you can also get into the habit of saving regularly. Start by contributing every £30 every month, and soon you won’t even notice it leaving your account – making it easier and cheaper to save than ever.

Buy gold when you sleep

With our monthly purchase plan, we’ll take care of your direct debit and buy the gold for you. This means that you don’t need to worry about keeping up with gold prices or buying at the right time. We’ll buy the gold when you’re busy sleeping, eating or working out at the gym. 💪

Since you can start whenever you’re ready, you won’t need to save up money or spend hours researching on how to buy gold. Our fees are transparent, our dashboard is easy to use and we won’t charge more than what we say we’ll do. You’ll be able to access your Minted account at all times and experience the rewarding feeling of slowly see your gold accumulating (it’s actually fun! 😍).

Free storage and insurance for 1 year

When you buy bullion gold, you’ll also need to store and insure it. At Minted, we’ve partnered up with some of the most secure vaults in London and we are fully insured by Lloyds of London. To help new gold buyers get started, we’re offering free gold storage and insurance for one year for up to 200 grams of gold. 🎉

After that, storage and insurance is 0.05% of your total gold holdings at a minimum of £1.99 per month. In your first year with us, you get to save at least £23 by using Minted’s gold purchase plan!

Sell or get your gold delivered

At Minted, we only purchase gold bars of 10 grams from our refinery. That means that once you own 10 grams worth of gold in your Minted account, you can get your gold delivered home and only pay the shipping fee. This is different from other gold dealers that buy kilos of gold and will charge you “fabrication” costs to get your gold smelted into smaller bars and delivered. With Minted, the gold you buy is the gold you own.

You can get your gold delivered once you reach 10 grams worth of gold, and we’ll ship it through the Royal Mail. If you want to sell instead, we’ll buy the gold back from you at any time and at better rates than the high street!

How to get started with Minted

Opening an account with Minted could not be easier. Simply click on the “Buy Gold” button below or on our menu, and follow the steps to create an account. Once you’ve verified your identity, you can pick how much you want to contribute every month and we’ll do all the rest.

Soon we’ll be launching the Minted app and dashboard, with some fun features including gold gifts, Minted points and gold goals. You’ll be able to buy gold from your phone and keep track of your investments from anywhere and at any time.

Ready to buy some gold? Join the Minted club below! 👇

Araminta Robertson

Araminta Robertson

Araminta is a financial writer and self-professed Fintech nerd. She likes writing about investing, the future of payments and of course, gold.
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